Saturday, 6 June 2009


Steel kisses
trace the lines
of pulsing veins;
soft, firm, incisive,
part this tired canvas;
trails of crimson bloom,
ebb, and flow
in the wake of their
sharp cold love.



    Trace the lines
    The hemlines of eyes
    Steal the steel flower
    A birth hour for two
    Confess the caress
    Hasten the shiver - the taste of egress
    Push the quiet agenda
    Your propaganda on her lips
    Your solitude in her fountain
    Your humility at her feet
    Your world at her grace
    And watch her not bat an eye - not for you
    The satin brazen child
    Vulgar and defiant
    Black carved-out eyes
    Staring down life
    Seducing from their caves
    The tears of time

    So despicable
    So cold
    So unnecessary

    So much like you

    So fragile

    So irresistibly true.

  2. Surely this needs a blog of its own!