Sunday, 7 June 2009

so i guess i went for option 1...

----1st try----


struggle to recreate me,

transform, inhabit a different she

one closer to the ideal that he,

in my mind, would rather see


to become another

for the sake of one other

who is, in fact, yet to discover

that i wish he could be lover, brother, child, and mother

there is no way on God’s good earth

that, not with child, i can give birth

to a new me that is somehow worth

what i have deemed to be his dearth

and so

i set aside pretension, 

re-evaluate intention,

accept futile re-invention

will no way stem apprehension

at the truth I’m still too scared to mention

or yet accept - somehow, someway,

the way I am right now, today,

the me I see, trembling at he,

is the only she I’ll ever be

1 comment:

  1. Wasi! Will you be my personal Poet Laureate? Will you, will you?

    I love this poem so much, mashaa`Allah. I can't rhyme without it sounding like a nursery rhyme, but this... this was so beautifully written. Rhyme and rhythm is sych... ah, you have SO made my day and my heart is now bursting with profound love of this blog of yours.


    You remind me of two very talented sisters who hold such a talent, mashaa`Allah. Okay... so I'll say it again: more poetry please! x.x.x.