Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A bit out of place for the current weather...

but nevertheless

----You'll catch your death---

Sitting out in the snow
that night
wasn't as crazy
as you think
when you consider
it was so beautiful
my heart ached
my throat got tight
my head felt sure it might explode
from trying to contain
all the thoughts and memories
metaphors and similes
imaginings and fantasies
evoked by the sight
of shadow clouds racing across
that smooth crisp plane.

The moon gasped, a full 'oh' of delight
appreciation at the 
wonder of all it illuminated
that night.

Even in that freezing cold
in my flimsy jacket, never meant to
share in the splendour of such a sight,
even as I sat there, back against the stone cold wall
backside downside on grass frozen white,
I felt cocooned, lulled by the hush and rush
of snow-stifled wind whispers,
wrapping me tight.

And even if I had caught my death of cold
that night
unaware of the passing of time
forgetting myself
sheltered by the dark from the far too bright
inquisitive intrusion of indoor light,
perhaps it would have been somehow more right
than standing, stretching, trying to step light
but unable to avoid leaving my mark,
walking away, eyes down
so as not to upset with refreshed sight
the perfect awe I carried back
from sitting out in the snow
that night.


  1. loved this... so descriptive and enjoyed the way you played with rhyming "-ight"... I felt the cold and I felt the warmth : )

  2. I think the 'ight' thing was possibly (unconsciously) icked from the Dylan Thomas poem...