Sunday, 31 May 2009


Today I sang,

Until my muscles ached

And my limbs trembled.

I sang,

Until my body swayed

And my vision doubled.

I sang,

Until my chords protested

And my voice gave out.

And still, I sang,
Silent, but not voiceless,

The muted songs somehow as potent

As their fuller-bodied counterparts.

I sang

Songs of joy,

Riffs, electric, danced from my tongue

Til I twisted and shouted them out;

Songs of rage that

Shook my whole being,

Deep soulquakes of emotion;

Songs of passion and of sadness and of tender love,

Longing, lust and loneliness,

Lyrics of alliteration and allure.

And, amongst these extremes

Sweet songs of happiness expressed,

The simplicity of rare, pure, blissed-out peace.

And my singing grew, huge, massive, all-encompassing, it seemed,

A rapture

An outpouring

This living thing

That lifted, and consumed, and overwhelmed me with emotion,

Amazed even me

In its incredible intensity,

And left me dazed, but powerful,

Poised for the next round.

Today, I sang;

I sang, and I sang.

Today, I sang,

And the singing was good.

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